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About Us

Suhail & Saheb Group:
The story of success began 20 years ago with the historical handshake between Mr. Jawdat Suhail and Mr.Hisham Al Saheb. Out of there names came the title of Suhail and Sahib Group, a well-know and respective name in the industry of stone and marble. Through hard work, devotion, and integrity, our small dream grew to become a reality.

Our Vision:
We are still marching steadily, in that road towards the future, togive modern architecture a new concept, mixing genuine history with modern style and to give a charming image drawn deep inside the Holy Land giving a new soul for the modern building.

Our Message:
Beauty in the eye of Nature itself, the philosophy of perfection, and the persistence between History of the ancient walls of Jerusalem and the Nativity, and the future of the modern buildings made out of the same stone.

Our Precious Client:
We have devoted all our efforts and all modern machinery available in industry, in order to reach you satisfaction with the latest and perfect products, and with the most desirable design and finishes.

Quarrying Stone:
It is a hard job which we committed ourselves to, stone industry is our creativity, and marketing stone and delivering it to those who take art as a message of life. It our main goal. We are not the only one in the business, but we are able to fulfill the growing demand of the stone market of all kinds of white, yellow, red, and grey stones.

Good Quality and precision:
Are the trusted scale for all stages of production process. Starting from quarrying, cutting, polishing, and Antique finishing, through packaging, and finally delivering the product to last destination, we are proud to have complied with the highest international standards.

Our Markets:
We are proud to have entered the hardest and most demanding Stone Markets around the Globe. Starting from Asia, the land of purity, to north America the land of promises, through the beautiful Europe, and to China the most promising and growing market. We also targeted the Arab Gulf countries, besides a few African markets.

We believe that management is an art and a discipline. We have built our management system on the most advanced structural, and managerial standards, and the most qualified personnel. This is that we believe that good management definitely leads to success.